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Video Bublitz®-Alarm

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Video "Bublitz®-Alarm Tech-Check

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Burglary and fire protection through Bublitz® alarm systems

For over 40 years Bublitz® Security Technology has spent time on the development, production and marketing of wireless and assembly-free alarm systems.
Our alarm system ensures more safety in private houses and businesses by means of a combination of burglary and fire protection and does without tiresome wiring of windows and doors. Furthermore, you can connect optional accessories and wireless- controlled components.

Our many years of experience and the suggestions of many experts and customers have resulted in the development of a reliable and affordable alarm system. You will be convinced by our offers.

Advantages of a Bublitz® alarm system

  • combined burglary and smoke alarm system
  • no installation required- power socket is sufficient
  • no sensors on windows and doors
  • extensive wireless-controlled accessories
  • no electro-smog
  • full freedom of movement for persons and animals
  • windows may be opened if someone is in the room
  • secret position in the building is possible
  • alarm is triggered off, before the person enters the building


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